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Looking for an environment to feel truly independent yet cared for at the same time? Ridii is your best bet. Here we do things differently from the rest of the car hire industry by providing our drivers with the care, commitment, innovative environment, and support they need to really thrive.


We send the ride to you

While Caterham and Gatwick taxi drivers from other companies might need to move around to find passengers, we bring the passengers to you. We know how scouting customers can make drivers use up more fuel, which would reduce their net profit; that’s why we do our best to send the ride to you instead.



You are your own boss

You read that right. At Get, we see our drivers as partners and don’t like to boss them around. We won’t insist that you go certain routes you don’t want to or resume work when you don’t wish to. If you want to take a break during your shift, stopover someplace else for something private, or even refuse to work on a busy day; it’s up to you.



Decline rides? No problem.

We understand that sometimes a “driver’s instinct” kicks in, and you would prefer not to accept a request from a customer every once in a while. So it isn’t a problem. We trust our drivers’ judgment and do not put them under unnecessary pressure to get passengers against their will.


Your safety is important to us

The safety of our drivers is our priority. Even though Oxted taxi services rarely records dreadful occurrences, it is common knowledge that a passenger could be anyone with intentions known only to them— every ride is a risk. Knowing this, we observe timely protocols to ensure that our drivers get to their destinations safely. We make sure to keep in touch with our drivers throughout their journey and track their movement until the passengers get to their destinations. We are always available to our drivers in case of an emergency.


We make life easy for our drivers

Life is easy with Get-a-ride. We have made sure that our tools are easy to use, and we also help our drivers with any information they need. We have staff who are ready to attend to you whenever you need support. Our team of experts and tools will help you avoid traffic, which could hinder your chances of earning more on a busy day. We provide our drivers with updates on the go because, at Get-a-ride, we are all one big family who looks out for each other.

We offer competitive rates

Get-a-ride treats every driver fairly, and our rates are competitive in the whole of Oxted and throughout Kent. Our goal is to offer great services to our customers while we keep our drivers happy. We are transparent in our dealings, and our payment structure rivals those of the top cab booking companies in the land.

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Need a License? We can help!

We are just as eager as you are to join us. Do you need a license or don’t have a car to start your cab business with us?


We have the perfect solution for you.


We will help you gain a private license in no time.


equip you with one of our rental cars to get you started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Requirements for driving
• Age limit:

you must not be less than the legal driving age. We are a law-abiding company; current and prospective team members are encouraged to do the same

• License:

at any stage, it is required by law that you have a driver’s licence. You do not need to have a private car hire licence to work with us; we’ll help you sort it out as you join us.

• Clean record:
  • you must have a clean criminal record to join us. Also, we prefer drivers who have clean driving records.
• Physical condition:
  • we do not discriminate, but for both our drivers’ and passengers’ safety, we must ensure that our drivers are in peak health or physical condition to join us. Any disability must be stated so that we’ll know what next step to take.
• The requirements for private car hire and taxi vehicles vary from region to region
  • Thus, we advise our drivers to consult with the local authority to be certain.
• Proof of residency:
  • Our drivers need to tender their contact information, especially their proof of residency, which we promise not to share with third-parties.
• 4-door vehicle:
  • standard practice for private car hires vehicles to have 4 doors and accommodate at least 4 passengers. We also work with vehicles that have not been damaged in any obvious way or have missing parts. Our vehicles are recent models; we prefer that they are not later than 15 years.